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New ground-up construction is the process of starting a building and working toward a finished building. The most significant benefit of fresh or ground-up construction is the flexibility that leads to a purpose structure. Homeowners typically consider new construction because they have either outgrown their current location or they are looking to expand it.

Starting fresh generally offers a broader range of possibilities. Perhaps you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient. New construction provides opportunities to upgrade your current structure while adding all the modern features you desire. This can be difficult in older buildings; however, these upgrades can lead to long term cost savings, such as lower utility bills and less maintenance.

In some instances, remodeling can be more affordable than new construction; however, the difference in price between renovating an existing building and starting new may not be as significant as you think. Depending on the availability of existing buildings in the local real estate market, new construction could be a more cost-effective option.

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When you choose new construction, Kyra Construction professionals can help get your new project off the ground. We employ an experienced team of estimators, project managers, and craftspeople who will work within your budget, meet your scheduling requirements, and provide you with a quality project. Our employees are trained in safe work practices, and we utilize subcontractors with a proven record of success. 

Kyra Construction offers you the finest field crews, project managers, engineers, and administrative professionals in the industry. We has the expertise and resources to bring value to your project no matter the size. We’ll ensure your systems are correctly designed and installed to meet your facility needs.

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With certified experts, the Kyra Construction Service team has completed a wide breadth of projects. Our team is among the best in the business. As a result of their experience and expertise, unforeseen issues that can arise during construction are minimized.

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Kyra Construction is a boutique/custom construction firm, each project is unique and one of a kind. We provide a dedicated team of designers and experienced project managers throughout the project to meet our clients’ satisfaction.

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Contact us on 1800-757-7855 to start planning your project. Our home remodeling experts will conduct a home evaluation and give you a free estimate. Once the project is in progress, our home remodeling experts will recommend what materials to use to ensure you are getting high-quality work. 

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