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Hardscaping Services

So you have finally decided to give your backyard that hardscaping facelift that it deserves. Congrats! Outdoor living spaces are becoming more practical and fashionable than ever. While some elements are no-brainers (patio, pools), some take more planning and thought. How will you tie your patio and pool together? Will there be any conversation locations or secondary lounging around the yard?

Hardscape Design

The space around your home makes the first impression on passersby and guests. Updating a drab or outdated backyard is an excellent investment and can transform your home into a family and friends’ destination. Hardscape design refers to the items in your outdoor design that aren’t living (pavers, stones, patio, retaining walls, walkways, etc.). Your backyard needs a combination of landscaping and hardscape to achieve the right visual balance.

Communicating a Theme

Hardscaping can be formal or relaxed; however, the best ones deliver a well-defined style and theme. Come up with a phrase that defines your vision and stick with it. After selecting your style, opt for materials that complement your home’s interior and exterior. You don’t want to have a hardscape with one material or color, just as you don’t want anything considerably different from your home. Here are some ideas for a theme:

  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Grecian garden
  • Beachside bungalow
  • Modern minimalism

Incorporates Your Pool

A backyard with a pool is good, but a backyard with a pool and beautifully executed landscape and hardscape design is fantastic. If you install a pool without thought to the rest of the space, the result could lack cohesion. A thoughtfully designed patio, outdoor living area, pool and landscape with hardscape will give you the most bang for your buck

Use hardscape and landscape to tie together the various zones of your backyard, making a cohesive design.

Hardscaping With a Professionals

Successful hardscape design and installation depend on having a landscape designer who knows your style. If you’re embarking on such a project, you’ll want a team of professionals handling it. This is because they’ll be able to prevent severe damages. This is where our team at Kyra Construction comes in.

Hardscaping Los Angeles

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