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Redesign and Reconfigure Existing Floor Plans

You’re probably here because your home isn’t working for you anymore, but you would prefer not to sell and move. If so, consider making your old home work for you again by updating its floor plan. This can be a realistic way to transform the outdated house into the kind of home you will love!

If you’re exploring the possibilities of floor plan changes, then consider the following scenarios:

  • Maybe you need additional bedrooms and another bath, possibly a two-story addition that solves all your home’s shortcomings.
  • A more open-plan might suit your lifestyle, or you may want to create smaller spaces with specific purposes in mind.
  • Maybe that kitchen is just too small and compact for your culinary ambitions, or that bonus room is too big to be of practical benefit.
  • Perhaps you’re planning to provide a place for an aging relative to live nearby, and an apartment addition would be the solution.

Make Sure You Get the Structure Right

Before we get started, remember that it’s essential to think through exactly:

  • What’s wrong with your current home’s layout or space limitations
  • What is the solution
  • Whether the solution requires an overhaul of the existing floor plan, an addition to your home or both

Floor Plan Changes

Avoid Superficial Design Distractions – Choices concerning design style, furniture, colors, and accessories are secondary and can wait. As you surf Pinterest and other inspiration home remodeling sites for home addition and floor plan ideas, don’t get wowed by the superficial.

Did you know? One of the most common reasons for delays in a remodeling project and cost overruns is homeowners changing their minds about the type of upgrade they want midway into the project.

Stay laser-focused on how your updated space will be used and whether it will solve your existing layout and space limitations and challenges. That’s what ultimately will determine if your floor plan change and addition fulfill your purposes – its structure. Finishing the updated space to suit your style is the easy part, and you’ll want to change it over time. The structure won’t change – not without significant headaches and additional costs.

We cover significant floor plan changes, home layout ideas, and home extension and addition projects popular with homeowners. You also provide competitive costs for floor plan changes and help our clients with essential issues to consider before undertaking such a significant home remodeling project.

Floor Plan Changes Los Angeles

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