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A durable and robust basement construction for any building is necessary to provide a foundation strength required to keep the structure standing through all types of weather and other environmental challenges. The proper planning of your basement construction must be done before you start the construction as small mistakes in the form of collapses could cause you a loss for many coming years.

Basement Propping is a method carried out while constructing your basement to provide support or assistance to the structure to keep it from collapsing or shaking. This support is provided by placing basement propping equipment beneath the structure. The use of basements has now gone to a far extent, and now many basements contain rooms, weight rooms and saunas, bars, and even dance floors. Imagine if a poorly propped basement falls and how much damage could be registered both to the humans and your investment.

The traditional construction methods and building structures have become so creative that traditional basement propping techniques and equipment can hardly support them. It does not mean that propping equipment manufacturers have given up their hearts, but they have introduced innovative propping equipment, propping accessories, and shoring system that work well with innovative construction techniques. These propping equipment used in the basement construction are made from different materials and can carry different amounts of loads.


The steel props are used to build slabs and usually referred to as low-cost props, while the T60 shoring system is easy to install and suitable for all types of propping you’re planning to use in your basement construction. The modular prop system is characterized by its lightweight and with high bearing capacity. The multi-props can also be used if you want to stay cost-effective but with something that has the high load-bearing ability for your basement. You can also install temporary propping for your basement when construction work is being done. However, top-down construction minimizes the need for temporary props.

In this era of modern architecture, there are innovative propping equipment and accessories that help your basement’s smooth construction. Some of the commonly used and essential propping equipment for your basement construction are the tilt props, acrow props, titan props, multi-props, trishore props, slim soldiers, and the megashore props along with prop accessories like t-locks, sleepers, and needle beams. These propping accessories and propping equipment have become a necessity to assist in the construction of new basements or structures.

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