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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen plays a central role in any home and is often the area where families gather to interact and nourish themselves. Kyra Construction’s kitchen remodeling services focus on understanding our customer’s requirements and designing a beautiful and functional space.

We will evaluate your layout requirements,  flooring, structural and utility changes, cabinets, countertops, and all the other items needed to ensure that a holistic approach is used to design the right remodeling plan for you.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets play a crucial role in any kitchen remodeling. We offer various choices for our customers, including factory-built cabinets (modular cabinets) or custom-built cabinets. Usually, the choice of cabinets will be based on the look desired (painted vs. stained), style (transitional, traditional, and modern/frameless) and features (soft-close, full extension hinges, cabinet organizers, etc.). Cabinets’ selection should also include cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware will further define the cabinet design as well as protect the finish. It’s both a visual and functional detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Remodeling for Your Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are the kitchen surfaces most interacted with and thus create a direct connection with the overall space. Countertops offering ease of maintenance, such as the timeless beauty of granite or quartz, are unprecedented in its use. Many quartz products are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty up to a limited lifetime term, which offers considerable peace of mind. Granites, which can be the definitive embodiment of all the best of mother nature, may also be sealed with commercial sealers ensuring greater peace of mind that today’s consumers crave.


Backsplash tiles, from the stack stone tiles or traditional travertine to the more transitional porcelain and ceramic tiles, and the option of mosaics tile, which may deliver just the unique blend of style, complete the overall look and feel desired for the kitchen remodel. Kyra Construction provides ample selection to ensure you don’t compromise on this critical component.


Floor surfaces such as natural stone tiles or porcelain, traditional hardwoods, or engineered wood will unify your kitchen with the rest of your home. Choices will depend on the sought-after look and use requirements. In regards to tiles, many of our clients are opting for larger format tiles, which leverage the tile’s color scheme and offer more ease of maintenance. Our team will make sure we guide you in making the right choice.


The proper paint wall color, in the right hue and shade, will complete the entire kitchen area. As color choices are highly subjective, doing what feels right for you is critical. We always recommend that paint be chosen last due to the incredible selection and options available from a process perspective. It is also still an option to see a few colors on the wall before committing to the ideal one.


Ensuring the proper amount and distribution of electrical lights will provide the right balance independent of time of day or natural light. It’s often a combination of recessed in-cabinets lights, under-cabinets, and above-cabinets lights for ceiling lights. These lights serve to further enhance the mood and feeling of warmth your kitchen should be all about.

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Kyra Construction is a boutique/custom construction firm, each project is unique and one of a kind. We provide a dedicated team of designers and experienced project managers throughout the project to meet our clients’ satisfaction.

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